• Being Happy is Your Choice

    Happy people always seem so positive and upbeat. They go through their day smiling at everyone and they always have something nice to say.

    If you find yourself spending your time wishing you were happy and comparing yourself to others, you’ll miss out on everything that’s good in your life right now.

    The good news is you can actually choose to be happy. Once you get the hang of it, things will get much easier, but it does takes practice.

    Fuel your happiness

    Exercise, food and sleep are key ingredients to fueling your happiness. Exercise actually boosts your happiness from several angles, as it combats depression, helps you relax and releases endorphins that make you happy.

    If you think about how miserable you feel when you’ve eaten too much junk food, it only makes sense that eating healthy foods would have the opposite effect. Sleep is a key component in helping you our body recover from the day and repairing any wear and tear. Getting adequate sleep can also help you ward off negative thoughts and feelings.

    • Dark leafy greens are loaded with folate, which can help your body produce mood-regulating chemicals.
    • Fruits and vegetables helps you keep calm.
    • Mushrooms have high levels of antioxidants, which can reduce anxiety.
    • Like exercise, chocolate may trigger your brain to produce chemicals that help you feel good.
    • Coffee could have an effect on your general sense of wellbeing, as it also triggers certain neurotransmitters that boost your overall mood.
    • The theanine found in green teas can reduce mental stress and help you relax.

      Think happy thoughts

      Try to focus on past events, family gatherings or some upcoming plans that make you happy. You’re less likely to slump into a bad mood when happy thoughts are flowing through your mind.

      Put on a smile

      Smiling will almost always make you feel better. Forcing a smile may seem difficult at first, but it will become more natural over time.

      Be grateful for everything

      Whether you write it down in a journal or make it a point to tell someone every day, be grateful for all the people in your life and the nice things you have.

      Clear your mind

      If you’re having trouble shaking off those negative thoughts, try meditation. It’s a great tool to get rid of stress and created more self-awareness.

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