• The Importance of Maintaining Kidney Health

    Kidney health has a direct relationship to the quality of life. The foods and liquids we ingest affect their function due to the nutrients and minerals they contain. Consuming a balanced diet can keep these important organs functioning in a robust lifestyle. Here is some background on kidneys and how to maintain their health.

  • The Dangers of Deodorant

    Part of most people’s morning routine is to swipe some deodorant under the arms to reduce sweating and odor throughout the day. When deodorant was first introduced in the late 1800s, some people were already a little cautious about using the chemicals directly on their bodies. Because it was a new product, many people did not find deodorant to be necessary.

  • Diet’s Effect on Health

    Food and health go hand in hand. Ever heard the old adage, “You are what you eat?” Eating real food with whole ingredients is a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Adding chemicals and pesticides to your diet does not benefit the body. When looking at health as a whole, doctors are starting to incorporate diet into their patients’ regimes. Medical students are beginning to receive more training when it comes to diet in order to improve the care they are able to provide.

  • The Not-So-Sweet Side of Aspartame

    Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in more than 6,000 popular household products all over the world, including diet soft drinks. Pepsi’s diet drinks included this ingredient until consumer demand forced the company to replace it with an equally sweet substitute called Splenda.

  • Health of Making Exercise a Habit Early in Life

    Although shunned for some of his ideas, the findings and benefits from following Dr. Joseph Michael Mercola’s prescribed practices cannot be denied. Two of Dr. Mercola’s findings, which are agreed upon by numerous health experts, are that a healthy gut and making exercise a habit early in life both have a huge impact on your overall well being.

  • The Real Way To Get Abs

    If you find yourself obsessed with having a flat stomach adorned with a six-pack and you hopelessly workout without ever achieving said mid-section, then this article is for you. The good news is, there are some novel ways to get that stomach you need in order to get the complete body you want; and you can even have some fun in the process.

  • Try Quinoa for a Side of Super

    Although quinoa is often prepared and consumed using similar cooking methods and recipes used for grains, it is actually a small seed from a plant that falls in the same classification as spinach, chard and beets. Quinoa has been around for ages but has gained significant popularity due to its high levels of many nutrients. It’s becoming a staple for the growing number of individuals following a gluten-free diet due to allergies or intolerance.

  • Pomegranates Take Antioxidants to New Level

    Although its name originated from a Middle French term for seeded apple, the pomegranate is actually a type of berry. In many cultures, they have long been a symbol of prosperity and abundance. However, their popularity in the U.S. is much more recent and is largely attributed the fruit’s many health benefits.

  • Lower Your Squat

    Despite the unfounded reputation of being bad for your knees, squats are a highly beneficial exercise that can be done with or without weights, depending on whether you’re looking to add muscle mass or simply tone and shape your thighs and glutes. Any resulting injuries are likely due to human error, as many people often skip the warmup and don’t take their full squats low enough.

  • Injury-free Workout Plan

    Maybe you gained a few pounds from too much holiday celebrating, or perhaps you realized another year passed and you still haven’t started that workout program. Whichever the case, the start of a new year often brings an uptick in exercise equipment sales and new gym memberships.