• Is Your Relationship Doomed or Destined?

    When it comes to couples and their dating style, we all know at least a few that either just seem to work on all levels or leave us scratching our heads wondering why they are even together.

    • The super couple, who seem to have everything going for them – great jobs, great house, great vacations.
    • The two lovebirds, who are always posting cute couple photos and mushy love quotes about each other.
    • The powder keg duo, who somehow function in a constant cycle of breaking up and making up.

      What’s your couple style?

      While no two couples are exactly alike, researchers have identified four basic styles of relationships that might even predict whether or not you’ll stay together long term.

      Dramatic overload

      Between the breakups and the hurt feelings, it’s always something, and it’s always major for this couple. But too much drama can take a toll on a relationship, making it more likely not to last.

      Constant conflict

      One minute they’re arguing to the point you’re certain they’re doomed and the next they’re wildly expressing their committment to each other. Maintaining such high resilience isn’t easy and could spell trouble over time.

      Social butterflies

      They share the same friends, attend the same functions and join the same clubs. This level of sharing works for some people, but problems can arise if one person starts to feel smothered.

      We are one

      They’re involved in almost every aspect of their partner’s lives and even if they’re not, they always consider how their choices could impact their relationship. Research seems to indicate that this type of couple is in it for the long haul.

      Give your relationship a long-term boost
      No matter which category you’re relationship currently resembles, your fate is not set in stone. All relationships take some level of effort to maintain, and even couples at higher risk for breaking up can work toward being happier together.

      • Focus on the positive instead of looking for things that are wrong.
      • Keep in contact by hugging often and making sure you always say good night, good morning and goodbye.
      • Keep the same bedtime as your partner just to be sure you have at least a few minutes of quiet time alone.
      • Take an interest in your partner’s interests by joining them for one of their favorite activities now and then.
      • Take pride in your partner and your relationship with small gestures such as holding hands in public or walking side by side instead of wondering ahead.

      While doing these things may seem forced at first, they’ll quickly become habits that could give your relationship an extra boost to get over those bumps in the road.

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