Lewis Pepperell


Lewis Pepperell Hervey Bay 24 Hr GymI believe fitness and resistance training is very similar to that of an artist … with patience, dedication and hard work, eventually you have turned your blank canvas into something spectacular and admirable … a work of art.

With a strong passion in the fitness industry and a wealth of knowledge from years
of research and experience, let me help you.

We can work together in achieving your goals, whether it be fat loss, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular or muscle hypertrophy (growth).

Need advice on a diet? I have that covered also.

So, let’s get started today … there is no time like the present!


Tamara Jane

I am 20 years old and a trainee at 24hr gym Hervey Bay.
Everyone who knows me knows I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person.

I started training when I was 17 has a hobby than my hobby turned into full blown passion. I entered my first bodybuilding competition when I was 18. I placed second and was invited to nationals.

I was the youngest in my division and took out another second place. I competed again in 2018 and lost 17kgs in 16 weeks also took out Ms under 21s sports model champion and 4th Place in open bikini for 2018 for ICN Brisbane classic. In total so far, I have competed in 4 shows, in 3 different states and preparing for another show in 2019.

Like most young girls in their teen years, I really struggled with confidence, direction, almost went down the wrong track but training became my escape and now it’s become my career path.

Being so young and in an environment such as 24hr Gym, I have the opportunity to grow and learn to become the best I can be, so I can share my passion to help others achieve their goals and feel confident inside and out.


Alisha Rutland


• Diploma of Health science
• Certificate III & IV in Fitness
• Certified Nutrition coach
• Female Specific Trainer
• Fitness Trainer and Assessor
• Provide First Aid/CPR


• Body Transformations
• Nutrition, Gut Health and Hormones
• Booty sculpting and building
• Fat Loss and weight management
• Lean muscle gains
• Booty programs
• Competition prep
• Pre & Post Natal

BIOGRAPHY: 10+ years’ experience as Professional Fitness trainer/coach. Bikini fitness competitor and Mummy of 2, who is passionate about helping, inspiring and motivating others to achieve energy, confidence, health & happiness through training, coaching & educating and finding a
healthy balance combining fitness, nutrition, mental health and wellbeing.

CONTACT: 0408 849 712


Sam Gardiner

• Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
• Strength & Conditioning Level 2
• Advanced Nutrition
• Boxing
• First Aid & CPR

• Postural Alignment & Injury Prevention
• Strength & Conditioning
• Body Sculpting & Fat Loss
• HIIT & Anaerobic Threshold
• Boxing & Muay-Thai
• Func Training & Mobility Improvement

BIOGRAPHY: I have been in the fitness industry as a PT since 2010 & have loved every bit of it. I am a Bodybuilding competitor for the IFBB & I am also a competition prep coach.

I turned professional in MMA in 2010 & fought as an amateur in both Boxing & Muay-Thai before retiring from combat sport after the birth of my 2 children. I have helped people lose up to 70kgs (& counting), elite athletes compete in races around the country, the elderly hold off Parkinson’s Disease, corrected Scoliosis & helped people reach their dream careers. With my diverse set of skills, I am able to create true health with not only aesthetics but joint health, strength, stability, happiness & life balance.
I look forward to every single challenge & new set of goals that come my way.

CONTACT: 0408 456 450


Jason Palffy


Jason Palffy Hervey Bay 24 Hr GymAs an owner I believe in providing a safe, friendly and professional environment for my members and staff.

I come from a martial arts background and believe respect, honesty and discipline are key to success.

I love what I do and have ambitions of creating a world class gym in Hervey Bay.